Good Night

After much diligent effort pestering me for a new picture, Tobias's hard work paid off and I agreed to make him some content as long as it was a saucy Cerise image. After all the work of designing my perfect catgirl for this site, (a few disagreements about her final outfit aside,) if I was going to draw some furry, it was going to be her, dag nabbit!

Of course, Cerise alone isn't enough, I mean what, me do something simple? So of course I needed a full background. I like images that feel like you could just walk into them, and a background is a big part of it. After much fruitless sketching I decided on a nice mellow night image that combined some of my favorite things like sleeping, darkness, and nude catgirls. That's a bed I'd like to climb into for more reason than one!

I'm a big fan of the Disgaea-style images with minimal lines and bold colors, and though my final product ended up looking far less awesome than said inspirational material, it's a step toward mastering that difficult but amazing look that I love so. Every picture should be an experiment, right? And if all else fails, there's always the nudity.

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