Cerise Model Sheet Colored

If you looked at the uncolored version of Cerise's model sheet, this image should seem quite familiar. HOWEVER, there is one key difference: She now has her missing wrist scrunchy. Also, it's colored. And man, are those colors bright! Wow, my old monitor I was using while designing her was really really bad. They fail so slowly you don't really notice when you hardly use any other monitors day-to-day. Aging CRT monitor aside, I was never 100% happy with her colors, they felt a little lacking in unity and contrast, and seeing this on a non-fail monitor isn't helping. We tried a couple options, but never quite managed a good interaction between the brown leather and bluejeans color combo... But what's done is done. I can always draw newer pics of her that are better. I'm sure Tobias will applaud that idea.

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