Cerise Warning Image Concept Sketches

You've likely seen the mature content warning image, and you probably thought "OMG SO AWESOME! Valeth is surely both handsome and charismatic!" Which is weird, where'd that second part come from? You've never met me in order to know that. And my personal awesomeness is pretty unrelated to the picture at hand anyway.

Moving on, did you ever stop to think what that warning image... might have been? What other wondrous Cerise porn-related imagery was conceived but not completed? Truly existence is an infinite spring of possibilities, of which we are only privy to one. But you're in luck, for I present you three other ideas plucked from parallel universes. (Yes, I can do that.) Image 1 is the original sketch for the idea that was used of course, but I'm also pretty partial to image 2. It's a very different idea, but I think that the creepy internet porn addict side of Cerise was worth exploring. It makes her much more relatable, I think. Images 3 and 4 are also interesting, but lack zazz. We must maintain adequate zazz levels!

 Valeth can be contacted at DeviantArt.
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