Cerise Donation Banner Image Sketch 1

Now here we finally have some fun stuff, design is done and it's time for actual polished Cerise illustrations! ...In which she uses her cheery face to beg for money. Who can say no to that smile? Certainly not those with souls. You empty husks can keep your money.

Moving on from a semi-creepy tangent, I thought I'd show the creation of this image from first sketch to final product, because I for one like to see such sequences. So obviously, we start with a sketch. I went in thinking something cheery and vertical, and drew with no particular pose in mind. As a result, she is in the pose you see. What's going on there, is she flying? Are you looking down at her semi-reclining? Is she doing a Dragon Punch? And why is she smiling? I don't even know! (But I'm leaning toward a Dragon Punch, personally, because that would be AWESOME.) The main point is it's a dynamic pose and the prominent face should be attention-grabbing. Also, I really like the way her face came out in this sketch, so I totally went with it.

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