Cerise's Tail Hole

Ha! You sicko! I bet you were expecting something else, from that title, huh? I'm onto you...

So, onto serious business, working the tail into clothes is always an issue when drawing characters with tails. If you want to be vague about it, it's simple, but I like to draw clothes that would work. Maybe they have needless flashy accessories, but they would work, darn it! So, clarifying how the pants go over the tail was something that had to be done. As you can see, I went with a flap sorta dealy that closed over it, then was covered by the belt. And if you're the type who doesn't care at all how pants and tails, you can always enjoy the sketches of strangely butt-defining but also baggy pants, and wonder why an otherwise slim catgirl has such booty. Truly, a cat is mighty fine too.

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